System Notice


In coordination with the new Jail Management System upgrade, eLODI (the method by which law enforcement can electronically submit cases to the PAO for review) will be transitioning to the PAO Case Info Application on August 7, 2021. PAO Case Info will stay on Ingress at this time.

***Unfortunately, the digital signature feature of eLODI will not be available in the new PAO Case info at this time. Thus, every Determination of Probable Cause Certification submitted must be physically signed (RCW 9A.72.085) and scanned in as an attachment. View written and video instructions.

UPDATE on Superform Requirements
You are no longer required to submit a Superform with each felony referral. The data on the suspect/defendant that you enter during the process of creating a new referral will be used to automatically populate a Superform. However, this makes it even more important for you to confirm that you have entered the most up to date contact information for each suspect/defendant. Do not rely on previously existing addresses in the PAO system.

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Legal Notice
All information contained within King County that was submitted by law enforcement to be shared only by other law enforcement agencies, which agencies are both permitted and restricted by law to handle Criminal History information and Juvenile information and other confidential information within the context of state and federal law, is to be considered "sensitive law enforcement" information. In order to maintain the integrity of this sensitive information (as defined above) it will be accorded proper management and security, and will only be handled by personnel who have been back grounded for law enforcement work and who have been trained in the appropriate handling of such sensitive information as required by state and federal law. Activity associated with any aspect of the King County information sharing system is subject to detailed monitoring and audits of all activity to protect against improper or unauthorized use, access or dissemination of "sensitive information". Unauthorized use, which includes requests, dissemination, sharing, copying or receipt of King County information, could result in civil proceedings against the offending agency and/or criminal proceedings against any user or other person involved. Violations or misuse may also subject the user and the user's agency to administrative sanctions and possible disciplinary action by their agency, subject to due process, against its employee(s) and could result in King County access termination or termination of the King County agreement with the offending agency involved. Accessing the King County system by any individual or agency constitutes their consent to the monitoring of all King County related activities and consent to the suspension or termination of their access privileges during or following any audit.